Quality of life in senior citizens living in subsidized housing

This study was conducted to examine if perceived mental illness affects the quality of life in senior citizens who live at the Bonnie Brae Village apartments, a subsidized housing unit in Los Angeles, California. Researchers administered the Quality of Life (QOL-BREF) survey, developed by the World Health Organization (WHO). This survey was administered in English and Spanish to any resident at the Bonnie Brae Village apartments willing to participate. In order to measure perceived mental illness, researchers utilized two specific questions within the WHOQOL-BREF. Results obtained indicate the quality of life is high and perceived mental illness does not have a significant effect on the overall quality of life of the residents residing in this building. Services offered by Affordable Living for the Aging, the social service provider for this building, can be duplicated and future researchers can utilize this data, information, and services provided as a service model for other subsidized housing units for senior citizens.