Graduate project

Modelling and predicting the outbreak

The novel Coronavirus 2019 or commonly known as the Covid-19 has so far been the worst pandemic that could hit the human race. Initially, the World Health Organization (WHO) called it an epidemic and later declared it a pandemic after a large-scale community transmission through the globe. The Data gathered is from about 209 countries that were reported by the WHO for Covid-19 in India. In this paper, we are going to take a look at the demographic view of the cases reported throughout the country and later use different Machine Learning models to predict the future of this variable pandemic. The methodology followed is to study and examine the datasets and then build a model with the help of three regressions like Support Vector Regression (SVR), Polynomial Regression (PR), and Deep Learning Regression model (DLR). The results of this experiment would forecast the future of this uncertain pandemic and give us a predicted value for the twenty and help us understand and visualize it with graphs plotted with the help of matplotlib in python. Also, the common information about the deaths, affirmed and recovered cases throughout the world over the time length, makes a difference in assessing the near future. For added evaluation or future viewpoint, case definition and data combination must be well-kept diligently. Hence fixing place the preventive measure can effectively manage the spread of Covid-19 and also the death rate is going to be reduced and eventually be controlled in India as well as the other countries.