Future DC power delivery

Statement of Problem: Today all of our residential and commercial properties use AC power for all of our electrical needs, but as our electronics have been advancing our method to supply power has not changed for over a century. AC power has proven to be an easy forum of transmission and distribution because of its ease in transforming to higher voltages but the drawbacks are starting to out weight the benefits. AC power comes with substantial losses through transmission via inductance of the lines, reactance of the loads, and inherit losses from AC to DC conversions. Sources of Data: All sources were researched from various IEEE reports and other highly reputable sources to maintain all information is as close and relevant as possible. All proposed ideas and assumptions were backed up via sources, simulations, calculations, and observations. Conclusions Reached: This report reveals that future residential and commercial properties would benefit from DC micro grids, distributive photovoltaic generation, DC power storage, and DC distribution within the building structure to minimize all losses through conversion and line losses. This report also reveals additional ease of retrofitting existing structures, increase in electrical safety, and production of a more renewable source of energy.