Masters Thesis

The beginning of the Dos Palos Star.

Historians have written much about the people and places in the San Joaquin Valley, but most often have neglected the historical significance of the newspapers of this area. Often historians, who read as well as write studies of the growth and development of newspapers, are able to trace and use valuable data that are found in such studies. These newspapers are often the only written record of events in many of the smaller communities. Their pages record the actions of their people, community organizations, and political bodies. Many of these actions would be lost to historians if not for the local newspaper. This study deals with certain aspects of one such newspaperi the history, general content, political positions, reaction to social issues, and relationship to the community. The purpose of the study is to establish the historical sequence of the Dos Palos Star from its beginning up to 1937, when the paper was acquired by the present publisher, William M. Crowe.

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