MusicPlaces: a YouTube analytics based social network

MusicPlaces is a social network that aims to provide a user with a list of nearby music venues based on their YouTube profile. MusicPlaces operates on a Customer to Business model. It gathers a user’s YouTube History, analyses it and provides a user with a list of nearby music venues that best match their tastes. The core of MusicPlaces is analysis of a user’s YouTube history. The data analysis is performed using tagging. The system evaluates the tags that are associated to the contents of a user’s YouTube history to provide suggestions of music venues. The Tags act as metadata to the YouTube content; tags have special meaning to the system and are used to accurately associate a user to a business. If there are components of the users data that isn’t tagged then the user is given the opportunity to tag the content. The application provides a business the ability to create an account and advertise about new upcoming events. Business can also associate to certain forms of music.