Design and Modeling of a Nozzle for Compressable Air Flow with Entrained Molten Aluminum Particles

The purpose of the project is to determine whether it is possible to design a nozzle that takes compressed air at 60 psi with entrained molten aluminum particles and outlets the flow to atmospheric air at subsonic velocity with an organized distribution of the aluminum particles for industrial engineering applications. In order to accomplish this, analytical compressible flow analysis was performed alongside modeling of the flow in Ansys Fluent computational fluid dynamics software. The computational fluid dynamics analysis was performed using various 2 dimensional model geometries with only the steady state air flow. If it appeared that the air flow would work for the application then a transient model analysis of the flow was performed with the molten aluminum particles being injected using the Discrete Phase Modeling in Fluent. The results of these designs, analyses, and models, as well as, whether the design criteria can be accomplished will be presented.