Outpatient physical therapy intervention for a patient post non-surgical lateral tibial plateau fracture utilizing the NeuroCom Smart Balance Master

Project (D.P.T., Physical Therapy)--California State University, Sacramento, 2015.

A patient post non-surgical lateral tibial plateau fracture was seen for student physical therapy treatment for 6 sessions from November 4th to December 16th, 2014 at CSU, Sacramento Department of Physical Therapy under the supervision of Lois Boulgarides, PT, DPT, MS. The patient was evaluated at the initial encounter with the use of manual muscle testing, single leg stance time, a complete NeuroCom SMART Balance Master® assessment, and a plan of care was established. Main goals for the patient were to increase lower extremity strength, proprioception, and dynamic balance in order to safely return to recreational basketball, running and hiking with decreased risk of fall or re-injury. Main interventions used were perturbation training, lower extremity graded therapeutic exercises and activities in the form of both direct intervention and a home exercise program. The patient achieved the goals of increased lower extremity strength, a normal single leg stance time and weight bearing squat as measured by the Balance Master®, and achieved clinically meaningful change in all activity and participation-level outcome measures. The patient was discharged home with a home exercise program.

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