Graduate recital-clarinet

In preparing this recital, I wanted to play a variety of clarinet music, including some that to my knowledge has never been performed outside of a teachers studio. I also included two standard works of the repertoire and two works of the twentieth century. The entire first half of the recital was un-accompanied, for clarinet alone. The second half had two works with piano accompaniment and one work with pre-recorded electronic sounds on magnetic tape to be played back during the performance of the work. The entire recital made use of mylar (mirror like) panels behind the performer and special subtle color changes in lighting in order to warm the stage and create a slightly different setting for each work. I began with the Rose Etude Number One in order to begin with a musically expressive and welcoming piece. Cyrille Rose began teaching at the Paris Conservatoire immediately following the death of Klose in 1880. He wrote several etude books that are well known to all clarinetists with Etude Number One being his most popular. Etude Number Two from Twenty Five Etudes de Virtuosite, by Henri Sarlit is a transcription of a Chopin Etude Opus 10 no. 2. It is kept in the original key of the piano etude A minor, thus sounding a whole step lower than the piano when played on a B-flat clarinet. It is representative of a period in nineteenth century music when the repertoire of the clarinet was so limited that transcriptions had to be employed. (See more in text.)