Masters Thesis

Prenatal care and delivery worldwide: a comparative analysis

Compared to the United States, little or nothing is known about prenatal care and childbearing globally. The United States has its own health care system standards when it comes to prenatal care and delivery. What is known about the process of prenatal care and delivery practices in other countries and how do they compare to the United States and each other? Does prenatal care affect infant and maternal mortality rates? Was the foundation for this study. With a comparative analysis, a sample of eight countries, were used to compare prenatal care and delivery. The countries that were randomly chosen were Australia, El Salvador, Germany, India, Japan, Netherland, Nigeria and the United States. The variables used for comparison were infant and maternal mortality rate, literacy and fertility rate, home or hospital delivery, preterm births, prenatal care and religion. In all the eight countries, prenatal care and delivery were available but it depended on the women’s culture and resources they had available to receive prenatal care. Also, developing countries like El Salvador, India and Nigeria were the countries that had the highest maternal and infant mortality rate. Literacy rate correlated with infant and maternal mortality rate. The findings concluded that the lower the literacy rate in each country, the higher infant and maternal mortality.

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