Writing centers: out of the margins of the academy and into the center of academe

Literature in writing theory and pedagogy reveals that over the past fifty years many changes have occurred both in the ways theorists and professors in the academy view writing and in the ways they teach writing in the classroom as well as in writing centers. The literature also shows that in recent years the scope and use of writing theory has broadened considerably and become more effective because of influences both outside and inside academe. These theories and influences will be discussed in detail throughout this project. The theoretical and pedagogical changes in the classroom and in writing centers have meant a metamorphosis in the attitudes others in the academy hold toward the writing center's function. These theoretical and pedagogical changes accompanied by changes in the way professors and administrators in the academy view writing center directors, are changing the position of writing centers in academe. This thesis examines the reasons for this movement. Writing centers are moving out of the margins of the academy as writing labs or clinics and into the center of academe as legitimate entities of academic departments tied to academic curricula.