Dust and Fresh Hope: Black Masculinity and the Space Left for Women in August Wilson's Drama

ABSTRACT DUST AND FRESH HOPE: BLACK MASCULINITY AND THE SPACE LEFT FOR WOMEN IN AUGUST WILSON'S DRAMA by Allia Ida Homayoun 2009 Master of Arts in English California State University, Chico Spring 2009 This project examines August Wilson's ten-play cycle as a blueprint for the process of decolonization. Using postcolonial theory as a framework for reading his plays, this thesis explores the development of identity and achievement of freedom in Wilson's twentieth century. The second chapter argues that Wilson values a measure of masculinity that celebrates African sensibilities rather than the dominant concept of American masculinity. The third chapter considers the space women occupy on stage and the mobility they experience in their relationships with their male counterparts. Furthermore, this thesis concludes that the route for discovery of identity and liberation differs greatly for men and women in Wilson's drama.