Student Research

All Work and No Play: An Analytical Look at the Benefits, Dynamics, Challenges of Being a Migrant Cruise Ship Worker

GMA 400 - Senior Seminar Research

The cruise industry has become of the most widely known and recognized forms of vacation for the modern world. The contemporary structure of this industry has allowed for the procurement and employment of thousands of individuals from almost every single region of the world, making the crew that are found on board cruise ships extremely diverse regarding ethnicity, culture, and language. Multicultural crews of cruise ships possess an interesting dynamic as they sit at the intersection of hospitality, travel, and seafaring. This thesis will explore the dynamics, challenges, and benefits of migrant cruise ship workers by looking at specific ethnicities that are abundant onboard cruise ships. Next, this thesis will explore the nature of how these migrant workers come to work on aboard cruise ships through the Flags of Convenience system and the globalized labor market. Finally, we will explore to what extent the cruise ship workplace hierarchy is derived from the colonial and imperialistic practices of the past.