Motivational determinants in voluntary Tay Sachs screening

This study explores some of the factors associated with participation in voluntary Tay Sachs Disease screening programs at three Southern California college campuses. The purpose of this study is to identify factors among participants and generalize characteristics that seem to suggest the likelihood they will participate. A questionnaire was used to gather demographic and motivational information from those electing to be tested for the Tay Sachs trait. Participants at the screenings at California State University, Northridge, Los Angeles Pierce College, and Santa Ana Junior College had the opportunity to voluntarily complete a short questionnaire. It is from their responses that the motivational generalizations were drawn. This is an exploratory study, and as such, several assumptions were suggested thought to be closely associated with the results that would emerge. These assumptions do not lend support to qualitative support to the characteristics of the respondents. (See more in text.)