Transplant strategies to increase living organ donations for Hispanic patients in need

Minority organ donations, specifically Hispanic donors, fall far behind their Caucasian counterparts. While minorities represent fifty-five percent of those on the kidney transplant wait list, only twenty-five percent are represented in organ donors. This project is designed with the purpose to address the reasons and misconceptions that impede a potential donor from even considering donating an organ and the growing need for Hispanic donors. As the donor list shortens, it is now more crucial than ever to turn to possible living donation to improve patients’ health and outcomes (Gordon et al., 2014). The purpose of this project was to address and bring awareness to staff, students and the CSU community by addressing the need for Hispanic donors and considering cultural, linguistic barriers and the many misconceptions that potential Hispanic donors face. Awareness creates opportunity for education; through education - the possibility of increasing organ donation among the Hispanic community members - can save a life.