A pilot study of marketability and job placement of interdisciplinary Gerontology graduates, at the undergraduate level, in semirural areas of Northern California

The problem that this project seeks to examine is that of multidisciplinary placement and job viability for Gerontology graduates. With the growth of the aging population and the desire to adjust the market to the changing needs of the aging population, Gerontology graduates must separate themselves as marketable as an interdisciplinary graduate with multidisciplinary application in career and industry. The researcher utilized focus groups via chain-referral or snowball sampling methods of recruiting. The participants were required to be employed in the semirural Northern California region. Both quantitative demographic data and qualitative industry specific data were collected and analyzed to assess viability of a Gerontology graduate in multidisciplinary industries. Due to a lack of large participation and variability of participants, conclusions and recommendations drawn are not strong but provide good indication of results for future studies. The market appears to be growing and strong with anticipated growth as the demographics shift toward an aged society, industries are educated on the value added benefits of hiring a Gerontology graduate, and Academia continues to grow Interdisciplinary Gerontology as a distinct discipline and field of study.