Predictors of women's attraction to Dark Triad traits

This study examined whether attraction to Dark Triad traits was associated with women’s sociosexual orientation and levels of the Dark Triad traits. This study also examined whether attraction to the Dark Triad traits varied by short and long-term mating contexts. Women generally found the Dark Triad traits more attractive for short-term relationships and, specifically, women with unrestricted sociosexuality were more likely to be attracted to the traits for short-term mating. In regards to the individual traits of the Dark Triad, narcissism was found more attractive than Machiavellianism and psychopathy overall. Women high in Dark Triad traits themselves were more likely to rate the Dark Triad traits as more attractive in general. Furthermore, women high in Dark Triad traits rated Machiavellianism as the most attractive trait for both short and long-term contexts. Cumulatively, this study implies that mating context, sociosexuality and level of Dark Triad traits for women can influence their attraction to Dark Triad traits in a potential partner.