Impact of Grid connected PV penetration on Grid

The generation of power at the point of consumption is referred to as DG. It can be any source with a generation capacity of 10MW or less. With increase in concerns for protection of the environment from the pollution caused by thermal plants etc., there has been a rapid increase of DG penetration into the grid. DG's are mostly renewable sources of energy like solar, wind etc. This not only reduces the pollution but helps in improving the voltage profile and power losses in the system. However, this causes a lot of concerns as well, such as overvoltage, system protection etc. Therefore, increases the complexity of the system. In this project, the impacts of PV system penetration for two cases with a penetration level of 5% and 10%, on a 15 Bus IEEE system in a regular summer day has been simulated. In this system, a PV module has been developed, and the output connected to an IEEE 15 bus system through a DC-DC converter and an AC-DC inverter. The power curves at the generating buses, the voltage profile and the power loss in the system have been investigated for both the cases. The solar irradiation data for CSUN campus on a sunny summer day has been applied to the developed PV system.