Creation, Implementation and Assessment of a Mastery-Level Curriculum for Bioprocess Technicians

Genentech, Oceanside is a biopharmaceutical manufacturing plant with bioprocessing technicians that have a large range of experience and education in biotechnology. Before, Genentech, Oceanside did not have a training plan for experienced bioprocess technicians to learn to troubleshoot process issues. A process-level training program existed for inexperienced technicians to learn the basics of biopharmaceutical processing, however, an intensive, more comprehensive program for mastery level learning had not yet been developed. By developing a master-level curriculum, allowing access to the program for experienced technicians, and assessing teaching effectiveness, the manufacturing department will ultimately have a more knowledgeable workforce able to troubleshoot processing issues and lessen reliance on other departments. Currently, a pilot cohort of technicians are approximately halfway complete with the initial mastery-level curriculum. Initial feedback from technicians is overwhelmingly positive and has been useful in defining subject areas that need more and less detail and clarifying the most effective teaching methods. It is imperative that feedback from the pilot cohort continues to be collected and analyzed in order to ensure success of the complete training program, as well as success of future cohorts of bioprocess technicians.