Graduate project

A proposed learning station for deaf children

This is a proposal for a learning station in a class for the deaf. A one unit model is proposed in this paper, but as the merits and feasability of this proposal are examined, one may conclude that a model classroom should contain more units, or learning stations. For many years education has preached the doctrine of treating each child as an individual. It has only been recently that the concept of individualized instruction has been practiced. The emphasis on, and practice of individualized instruction has been facilitated by the development and availability of new media (equipment). This proposal suggests a learning station, using three techniques of instruction: closed loop 8mm films, programed texts, and programed tapes suitable for speech instruction and auditory training. Specific suggestions are offered for films and texts. These three techniques share in common the principle of continuous learner response, or feedback. The learner is presented with stimuli requiring responses. He is an active participant in the learning process. He may proceed at his own rate, going through a series of sequential steps formulated with specific -2- objectives prepared in advance . The instruction is individualized and self'-administered.

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