Graduate project

Urban renewal :a comparative study of methods utilized in Bangkok, Thailand, and the United States.

Both developing and developed countries face the problem of urban slums. Governments have tried to understand and solve these problems in many ways. Some countries, such as the United States and European nations, have been very successful in dealing with these problems in their major cities. The cities of some developing countries seem to have made less progress, however, such as the City of Bangkok and the cities of Southeast Asia. No solution has been found in the City of Bangkok because the Thai government lacks efficient methods of urban renewal and citizens seem to have insufficient interest in the programs. American urban renewal methods may be applicable as solutions to the urban slum problems of the City of Bangkok. The reason for suggesting American methods as potential solutions to the slum problems of Bangkok is that Thai constitutional law is similar to that of the United States. The Redevelopment Act has been found to be constitutional though it permits public condemnation of private property for the purpose of sale or lease to private persons and authorizes the taking of property in "blighted areas," without defining the term.

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