Masters Thesis

Teacher Feedback as a Guide to Reflection and Lesson Plan Design

This study investigates the relationship between teacher observation as well as feedback and future lesson plan design. A single case study was utilized in order to survey teachers at one suburban high school in southern California. The purpose of the study was to determine if teachers prefer formative feedback or summative, identify the rate at which teachers are currently observed by administrators, and glean how this impacts both their future teaching methods and subsequently learning outcomes for students. Ater survey results were coded and analyzed, four major themes emerged providing direction and impact to future administrators and educators. An original, web-based Qualtrics survey was distributed to all 91 teachers at this suburban high school in an effort to discern a wide range of experiences and knowledge regarding both feedback and observation. Holistic and In Vivo coding methods were utilized to analyze the survey results and categorize them effectively. Strong and consistent themes emerged as a result of the study, specifically teachers would prefer additional informal observation from peers and administrators, teachers benefit from feedback provided by content area specialists, feedback from administrators is powerful and the relationships they have with staff meaningful, and lastly teachers rely on student input and feedback as much as they value feedback from peers or superiors. Results of this study have the potential to positively impact schools and school districts as they seek to improve ways in which teachers grow and learn in an effort to advance student outcomes.

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