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Failure of Legislation to Combat Climate Change Is A Result of Campaign Contributions to Its Opponents In Congress.

The scientific community is in consensus that climate change exists and that human activity significantly contributes to it. While this fact is increasingly becoming common knowledge, there is little action taking place in the United States Congress because proponents of legislation to combat climate change do not have a majority. Legislation that would combat climate change often involves regulation which would lead to fewer profits for industries that would be affected by this legislation. Research suggests that these industries make investments to safeguard their profits in the form of contributions to the campaigns of members of Congress. The members of Congress who are the most active opponents of climate change legislation tend to be the recipients of the most generous donations of industries whose profits would be negatively affected by this legislation. While there cannot be definitive results, the findings do suggest that there is a link between monetary contributions to a Congressperson's campaign and whether they oppose legislation that would combat climate change.


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