The Blithedale romance : a screenplay

This screenplay, The Blithedale Romance, has many problems, but I believe in it and intend to work them out. My second draft will be under way as I submit this one, attacking the problem of extended soliloquys. Speeches of all major characters must be converted to action and cut wherever possible. Repetitive description in dialog can be cut, as the screen renders it unnecessary. Visual reaction of minor characters might work more efficiently than dialog in some scenes. The major problem of the screenplay remains sharpening the focus on Coverdale. The novel is not explicit about his reactions in many scenes. My job is to supply them, and I must do so in a way consistent with his character and motives. The more I work with this story, the more I am convinced that Coverdale is Theodore in Zenobia's Legend, but he is the only one who knows it. Priscilla, as the Veiled Lady, should have gotten a glimpse of him, but there is a discrepancy between Zenobia's Legend and reality here, as with Theodore's identity. Priscilla does not recognize Coverdale upon her entrance to Blithedale, nor I believe, does she haunt him as a consequence of his having lifted her veil. Zenobia says much later that she has always considered Priscilla her own evil fate, so for the sake of her story, she may have transferred that curse to Theodore. (See more in text.)