Promoting Student Parent Success: Analyzing Resources and Support for Student Parents Across Various Universities

Throughout the United States, college campuses have experienced an increase of student parent attendants; nevertheless, often these students go unnoticed (Adam 2014). It is important to consider, investigate, and recognize the student parent experience in higher education. This study aims to focus on the resources and support that are available to student parents of various college campuses around the United States. This study addresses the following question: How are higher education institutions supporting the needs of student parents, as found through existing websites dedicated to this population? Researchers reviewed and analyzed the websites of twelve different college campuses across the United States, ranging from community colleges to private schools to public schools. Preliminary findings indicate that these institutions all list and provide some form of emotional, financial, and/or child care support through a dedicated webpage for student parents. Information about on and off site child care services, as well as on-site resources such as lactation spaces, diaper changing stations, and campus family-housing were those most widely available by the university or student led programs. Findings can be used towards the improvement and development of other university practices and policies with regards to supporting the success of student parents in higher education. References Adam, Michelle. (2014). Student Parents Struggle to Balance College & Children. The Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education. 24(21), 16-18.  https://search-proquest-com.proxy.library.cpp.edu/docview/1558357079?accountid=10357&rfr_id=info%3Axri%2Fsid%3Aprimo