Reducing female recidivism: an oral interview

Thesis (M.S.W.) California State University, Los Angeles, 2012

The number of incarcerated women is increasing. Yet, research about inmates is primarily male driven due to the majority of the prison population being men (Hunter & Greer, 2011). The purpose of this exploratory thesis was to understand factors that lead to the successful reintegration of women back into the community after release from prison. Female offenders have unique needs that if not met may increase the chance of them re-offending. The findings of this study appear to support research that points to social support/bonds, education and employment as reducing recidivism.

Committee members: Sofya Bagdasaryan, Pauline Agbayani, Dale Weaver

Incarceration, Inmates, Offender, Recidivism, Reintegration, Women