Graduate project

A descriptive study of deaf students attending California State University at Northridge

The purposes of this study are to: describe personal characteristics of deaf students attending California State University at Northridge, describe opinions held by deaf students, and compare personal characteristics and opinions of CSUN deaf students with those of deaf students in a study by Quigley (1968). Since 1964 when the first deaf students came to campus, CSUN has developed and refined a model of education which has successfully served about 700 deaf college students and hundreds more community deaf persons in special workshops. CSUN admitted increasingly numbers of deaf students into its regular programs, and established a "Center on Deafness" as an administrative coordinating unit. One sub-unit of this Center, "Campus Services for the Deaf" now is known as Support Services to Deaf Students, which coordinates the delivery of interpreters, notetaking, tutoring, and counseling services for the deaf students. This study would provide the staff of SSDS with a better understanding of the types of deaf students currently attending CSUN, This study also assists the staff in planning and implementing services geared specifically to the needs of the deaf students.