Masters Thesis

An empirical investigation of consumer awareness through small group education.

In the decade 1962-1972 , more than twenty major pieces of federal consumer legislation were passed. Among the many subjects covered were: protection of children against hazards, toy safety, restricted sale of potent drugs, cigarette labeling and advertising, meat inspection, product safety, flammable fabrics, consumer credit, automobile repair, insurance, and fraudulent land sales (11:24). In addition to new legislation, educators have renewed efforts in the consumer's behalf. Educators are developing curricula to be required at grade levels kinder- garten through twelve. Governmental agencies, as well as industry, are taking an active part in consumer affairs by issuing pamphlets and audiovisual materials for use by adult consumers as well as students. Public service announcements prepared by the Office of Consumer Affairs are being shown on TV. Many newspapers and magazines are providing space to present current consumer information. This is a picture of the complex of information that is available to the adult consumer.