Project-Based Learning Curiculum Promotes Executive Functioning Skills in Students

The proposed curriculum explores the executive functioning skills of a child and how a Project Based Learning (PBL) approach is a highly effective way to promote a student's Executive Functioning Skills. The purpose of this PBL curriculum is to show that it allows students to develop their executive functioning skills. The importance of implementing a PBL education is discussed, as well as effective PBL teaching approaches. These effective teaching approaches are directly connected with the Executive Functioning Skills. Executive Functioning Skills are defined and explained. Teachers who understand the Executive functioning skills of their students can more effectively teach their students. The proposed PBL curriculum allows students to create a restaurant, throughout the unit, the students will utilize all of their executive skills. After completing the PBL unit, the students will gain stronger executive skills and long-term retention of all of the content discussed. This curriculum focuses on knowledge of the real world, promotes critical thinking, and focuses on how the individual student learns. This curriculum satisfies several of the Common Core standards, Art standards, and the California History- Social Science Content Standards and allows students to collaborate, while enhancing their executive functioning skills.

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