The Effects of sandplay on dreams

Six subjects kept a record of their dreams on a dream record chart measuring number of dreams with some recall of detail, clarity, affective content, and conscious awareness of dreaming for a period of four weeks. The first week's recordings served as a baseline for each subject's dreaming patterns. During the second week, subjects participated in two Sandplay treatment sessions. There was no treatment during the third and fourth week. The hypotheses tested were: 1) Sandplay will increase the number of dreams recalled, 2) Sandplay will increase the vividness of dreams recalled, 3) Sandplay will increase the level of affective content in dreams recalled, 4) Sandplay will influence the level of consciousness during dreaming. Most of the hypothesized effects were exhibited but were randomly distributed among the subjects and none of the subjects exhibited all the effects. There was no clear evidence that the effects were due solely to the Sandplay treatment. The results were, therefore, inconclusive. Greater control of external factors, larger sample, differentiation of subjects by sex and as to whether they were recallers or non-recallers of dreams, greater control over dream reports, and uniform time interval between each Sandplay session for all subjects might have yielded generalized and definitive results. A factor which was not measured in this study was the occurence of Sandplay images in dream content. Half of the subjects in this study reported the incorporation of Sandplay images in their dreams. Further study in this area may prove to be of value.