Masters Thesis

Volunteer foster youth education liaison program proposal

When a child is placed into foster care, the courts and dependency care systems focus on finding a safe haven for the child which means that the child’s education is often overlooked. The long-term effects of not considering the child’s educational needs are devastating to the child the longer they stay within the system. To address these issues California Assembly Bill AB 490 was implemented in January 2004. One key element of this legislation was the implementation of an education liaison. The research presented will show that due to a lack of funding, enforcement and clearly outlined implantation AB 490 has not been able to fully address the problems of educating foster youth. Kern County foster youth suffer from the same educational disparities of those in the rest of California. In order to address this the following program proposal will demonstrate how the creation of a volunteer education liaison program run through the Kern County Network for Children will help to correct these disparities for Kern County Foster youth.


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