Selection of records for digitization and the impact of record digitization on analog record management

In this thesis, the practice of museum records digitization and the impact of digital recordkeeping systems on existing analog records and recordkeeping is assessed, because as records are digitized, the interaction of the two recordkeeping systems is often overlooked. A literature review was conducted, examining topics such as the nature of museum records, the history of museum recordkeeping practices, and the distribution of responsibility for museum records, followed by a national survey of 150 accredited institutions. The results of the survey are discussed, and several conclusions and recommendations are then presented. It is concluded that museum professionals are illequipped to work with new recordkeeping technologies, and that current standards and best practices do not address the existence of complimentary recordkeeping systems. Finally, to integrate organizational records into digital recordkeeping systems, museums professionals must develop new recordkeeping standards and be better trained in emerging technologies.