Child's play

Human emotions are never more poignantly expressed than in the face and body language of a child at play. The emotions run the gamut of sensations; one sees ecstasy, frustration, concentration, disappointment, but most of all the pure excitement of interaction with his or her world. No better is the joy and adventure of early life experienced than through play - especially the pure fun of playgrounds and carnival rides: slides, swings and bars, ferris wheels, roller coasters, carousals, boat and saucer rides. Just watching a child at play brings one a welcome distraction from the all too serious work and challenges of the adult world. A child's expression of emotion is always honest and unbridled. They do not let us forget that all too fleeting pleasure of play that we all once knew. In an era of brilliant colors and an emphasis in complete abstraction in art forms, I purposely chose to use black-and-white with identifiable images for my artistic expression. I not only have a special fondness for black and white, I seem to be compelled to create in that fashion. This compulsion, as much as I can surmise, is the product of my personal experiences with photography while growing up in the late 1940's and 1950's. My loving father always had his camera handy to photograph my brother and me at play or at family events. He proudly displayed these photographs all over our home. Many of my fondest childhood memories have survived through these black-and-white photographs. My primary goal is to recreate the actions and emotions expressed by the faces and bodies of my young subjects at play. Each piece is a candidly captured single action frame. Although fundamental realism is my interest, portions of my work are purposely cropped and abstracted so that the entire scene is left to the viewers' imagination.