Graduate project

Defining the Role of a Student Success Specialist in a Novel Community College Baccalaureate Program in Biomanufacturing

The majority of the Biomanufacturing Students at MiraCosta College are considered to be high-risk. More than 75% are economically disadvantaged, more than 20% are veterans and military dependents, and more that 15% first in the family to earn higher education (Figure 5). To identify best practices of a Student Success Specialist at MiraCosta College six qualitative surveys were conducted. Two surveys were conducted to learn about the student population and monitor their progress and were conducted at the beginning and end of the first year in the program. Two additional surveys were conducted during the second year, the first of which was designed to find out about employment needs and the second queried job readiness/performance. Finally, a follow up survey was conducted six months post-graduation to gauge program satisfaction and learn about wage gain and job performance of graduates. In addition to gain better understanding of the role of Student Success Specialist and how to work with students, three in person interviews were conducted with experts in the field.