The world is getting advanced, and it becomes our responsibility to be on the same pace as the world. With the increase in the amount of data, it is becoming difficult to accommodate everything in our brain in a small span of time. Data Visualization allows us to look beyond the only process of reading and storing it all in our brains. The most important feature of visualization is that it allows visual access to huge amounts of data in understandable, simple, and powerful visuals. Taking that into consideration, this project is an effective application for visualizing data in 3D for better understanding and fast absorption of data into our brains. ENVISION is presenting folder revision activities in a more intuitive way through 3D visualization. Basically, ENVISION will help the users visualize properties of folders and files of GIT repository. ENVISION has the property to visualize data folder by folder. It will help the users to quickly estimate the progress of any project, the visualization takes place folder by folder, there would be multiplication of the pace of user’s understanding of the project history and quickly can start working further. ENVISION, also, lets the user view data by the latest entry, which also means, user can view files and folders from the latest commit to the oldest commit. With the increase demand of 3D Visualization, this project would be advantageous to all kind of users and would open the gate for another dimension to explore.