Proactive campus supervision a high school case

An embedded, single-case study was conducted to make a disciplined inquiry into campus supervision at South Main High School'. The study examined the campus supervision program currently being used by the school. At the time of this dissertation, very little literature existed in the area of campus supervision programs. The goal of this dissertation was to answer the following research questions: How can a proactive campus supervision program that focuses on the concepts of resiliency can create a safer 1 South Main High School is a pseudonym for the school in this study to increase the anonymity of the participants. school environment, how do teachers view campus supervisors, how do administrators view campus supervisors, and how do students perceive the role of campus supervision? Five data sources contributed to the results section of this case study. The five data sources include: 823 student surveys, 52 teacher surveys, 3 administrator questionnaires, 4 campus supervisor interviews, and 4 student interviews. The student survey was designed to measure students' rapport with campus supervisors, students' perception of the work that campus supervisors do, and student trust of campus supervisors. The survey consisted of five descriptive questions followed by twenty statements requiring a degree of "unlikely or likely" responses along a Likert scale. The teacher survey was a modification of the student survey. The administrative questionnaire was designed as a series of open ended questions designed to probe into the administration and campus supervision relationship. The campus supervisor and student interviews were also given a series of open ended questions with some probing questions as well. The significant findings include the discovery of four elements of proactive campus supervision and the creation of a model of proactive campus supervision at South Main High School.