Aquaculture Monitoring and Control Systems for Seaweed and Fish Farming

This paper reviews aquaculture monitoring and control systems for seaweed and fish farming. Seaweeds farming play an important role in business and constantly growing. Seaweed is considered to be second largest freshwater farming industry in the world. Not only seaweeds are eaten raw, but through industrial process, some components are extracted to use in other foods. This paper provides 5 types of seaweed species and their aquaculture methods that are very popular. Also we have reviewed, the per capita fish consumption (region-wise), global annual fish production, global fish production in past 60 years, fish production in percentage by region, global seaweed production, seaweed value and important seaweeds for industrial use. Implication of technology such as the Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) integrated with sensors, pumping system and filtering mechanism to measure, control and eradicate parameters, variables, and wastes developed by academic institution that has already been demonstrated was reviewed. Typical specification of a 4-tank based RAS is given. The paper also provides an advanced monitoring and control architecture that can be capable of automating precise production processes. Details about the control hardware such as sensors, motors, pumps, electronics, computer and software are presented.