Masters Thesis

An analytical approach to environmental cost assessment of property development.

Environmental issues are not a new phenomenon. However, the rapid development in the last decade of science, technology and industry, tooether with rapid growth of the population which has caused the tremendous increase in property development, especially in urban areas, and the rise in per capita income, has given an unprecedented rise to pollution and waste disposal problems and has made evident the comparatively narrow limit of the earth's resources. Many vital ecological cycles are becoming distorted. According to one study, the amount of oxycren produced within the United States borders is only about 60 percent of the amount consumed. It has been estimated that 500 million hectares of arable land have already been lost through erosion and salinization, and that two-thirds of the world's forests have been lost to production. The amount of minerals per person excavated has reached thirteen to twenty- five tons per year.

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