Smart budget assistant

In modern economic times, everyone wants to save their money and keep expenses with in their budget limit. But, due to our busy schedules in our day to day life, we may lose track of our expenses and end up overspending which leads to debts. In this project, the aim is to develop a mobile application which helps user to keep track of all the expenses and to simplify the tracking process. The proposed system will also generate detailed information on which category of shopping we are exceeding our budgets so that the user can monitor and keep his expenses with in his budget limit. The rapid growth in technology has led to smart mobile applications development. The proposed application utilizes Optical Character Recognition(OCR) engine to scan the shopping receipts and extract the data such as merchant name, merchant type, date of purchase and the amount spent on each shopping item on any specific day. Optical character recognition is a technique to convert any printed text or document into digital text. The data extracted after performing OCR is then visualized using various insightful charts and reports which will help the users to estimate and keep track of their expenses to be within the budget limit. Smart budget assistant is an Android mobile application which simplifies the process of entering expenses and tracking them to help users keep their expenses with in their budgets by informing about their limits and visualizing detailed reports for quick analysis to save time and money.