Graduate project

Climate change: what should social workers be doing

This graduate project focused on environmental justice in reference to climate justice, specifically as it corresponds to social work. Climate justice has often been overlooked as part of environmental justice work for social workers. The purpose of this graduate project was to begin the discussion around climate justice with social work students, faculty, and social work professionals in order to create tangible ideas about how social workers in the California Central Valley can work toward climate justice. This graduate project was conducted through the creation and implementation of a climate justice workshop. The creation of this workshop was done through gathering information about general climate change on a local and international scale, as well as information about how other organizations are addressing climate justice already. This workshop focused on engaging participants in discussion surrounding climate change, as well as how social workers can begin to incorporate climate justice into their practice. This workshop was a preliminary step in the Herculean fight for climate justice. The next steps for this work is for participants to take the information discussed during the workshop and begin implementing climate justice in their practice. This work is grounded by recommendations that are offered in the existing knowledge base that includes examples of what other universities are doing to build and engage in actions around climate justice.