Voyager 3 Spacecraft Design Concept

Following the success of the Voyager missions launched in the late 1970s to explore the outer regions of our solar system, there has been an increased amount of interest to design more missions to travel beyond our planetary system in hopes of someday reaching another star. Furthermore, with the rapid discovery of thousands of exoplanets orbiting these stars in recent years, the search for an earth-like planet has become a widely pursued area of research that has generated even more of a desire among the scientific community to venture further outside the solar system into interstellar space. While a mission to another star system may not yet be practical due to technological limitations, a mission to probe the interface between our own sun and the other stars in our galaxy is a great first logical step towards eventually being able to travel to another world outside of our own. In this presentation, we will propose a third Voyager space mission to travel outside of the solar system to the interstellar medium (ISM); not only would such a mission serve as a potential precursor mission to provide numerous technology demonstrations for other future deep space missions, but it would also provide excellent opportunities to test our understanding of astrophysics at many levels and to make more in-depth observations of the objects outside of our solar system.