Cyberbullying: a guide for Spanish-speaking parents

Everyday countless children and adolescents are being harassed, threaten, hurt, bullied, and targeted in online social networking sites. Such actions are known as cyberbullying. In recent years, cyberbullying has grown into an uncontainable problem that, in extreme cases, has driven children and adolescents to take their own lives. Sadly, because previous generations did not encounter this issue, a generational gap was formed in which parents appear to be at a loss on how to protect their children from becoming victims. Moreover, although this phenomenon is a cross-cultural issue, some ethnicities seem to be more impacted by cyberbullying. The Latino community in the United States is one of those highly affected groups. Spanish-speaking parents have had a difficult time finding and accessing information on cyberbullying. In fact, the lack of technological knowledge and language difficulties of many Latino parents have prompted the need for the creation of resources that specifically target those issues. The present graduate project provides a bilingual (English-Spanish) guide designed particularly to help Spanish-speaking parents that live in the United States learn about cyberbullying. It also offers practical guidelines on actions that can be taken to help and/or prevent their children from becoming victims.