Tail Gator - Speed Measuring Driving Assistant App

Traffic congestion on the freeways is one of the worst issues in California. During peak hours, traffic can slow down to a stop-and-go crawl. A significant cause of this behavior is driving habits: human beings have a tendency to drive closer as they slow down, which makes merging difficult and exacerbates the slowness. The Tail Gator app uses machine vision to, when placed on the dashboard of a normal car, collect and relay information to the driver in a hands-free manner regarding the vehicle in front of them. It would tell the driver the distance and relative speed of the car in front of them, which the driver can then use to build good, anti-congestion driving habits and stop tailgating in traffic. The technology behind this has further applications: it could be used to recommend to drivers optimal speed and acceleration based on the traffic situation, which would also be useful in guiding the behaviors of self driving cars to better the road for everyone.