The thesis as an artistic performance should be a visual contribution to the artist's field. I have chosen to develop my work in a personal, emotional way, rather than attempting to create an innovation in the form or structure of the woven piece. In other words, instead of seeking outside stimulation to inspire myself and in turn my work, I tend to look inward and materialize feelings and mental images into the form of a weaving. I feel that as an individual I have an approach to design and color that is my own and by expressing my ideas I can create a new visual experience. My weavings reflect my reaction to the coldness and the flashiness of the objects I see around me. I find that when living in an environment that is composed mostly of concrete, steel and plastic which all convey impersonality and coldness to me, the only way I can retain my own sensitivity is to surround myself with things that reflect warmth. Therefore I have tried to maintain sensitivity and warmth in my work. I have chosen colors which to me reflect this feeling. I have also chosen to 1 use a great deal of texture in order to create a tactile, as well as a visual, sensation for the viewer. I have tried to utilize simplicity rather than intricacy in technique, design and color. As my means of expression, I have chosen to work with a tapestry weave which allows me to use the full color and textural qualities of the various yarns and materials.