Masters Thesis

A Program proposal for developing student-athletes through the relationship between athletics and higher education

Kern County public high school student-athletes are an underdeveloped population in California. They need an efficient transition process that is concentrated on gaining access to postsecondary education opportunities through sports participations. The proposed program aims to encourage student-athletes to focus on education for life after sports while staying motivated on high school athletics to gain college entrance and to find the benefits that sports participation can offer. The proposal will provided a few areas of concentration for Kern High School District (KHSD) to consider. The areas include the collaborated efforts form athletes, coaches and parents; social influences of student-athletes in high school; and fostering the correlation of athletic participation and academic success. The research has identified that each of these areas has been studied and serves as an important part of student-athlete success in high school to college transition. Through analysis it is recommended that KHSD implement a student-athlete development program. The program will be unique to each high school, and standards will be made for increasing graduation and proficiency rates, and a collective effort from the “athletic triangle” will increase student-athlete postsecondary entrance. The goals and objectives will be set from the previous years results. Feedback from all public high schools will be circulated around the district to create a more comprehensive program.

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