Graduate project

The role of the supervisor of instruction in programs for the hearing impaired

The writer will attempt first of all to define supervision and to differentiate the roles that lend themselves to this awesome yet often quite specific definition. The duties of a supervisor are seldom limited to one definition because of the various requirements of the position for which they serve. However, supervision as used by this writer is the leadership function which is primarily concerned with the improvement of classroom instruction or curriculum development. It must be said that so many functions of supervision involve of are overlapped with administrative duties and responsibilities that one finds it trying to separate one from the other. The writer has found that the duties of a supervisor of a day school program encompass many more responsibilities of an administrative nature than those of a supervisor in a residential school for the deaf. In an attempt to better describe the role of supervisor the writer has compiled an much information as time and resources allow. Part One will describe the NEED for a supervisor of instruction in programs for the hearing impaired. The second area deals with the CHARACTERISTICS of a supervisor as viewed by professionals within the field of education of the deaf. To better acquaint the reader with the diversity of DUTIES involved with supervision in programs for the hearing impaired, a look was taken at the wide variety of programs available to children with hearing deficiencies. This should bring to the reader a greater understanding of the complexities involved in describing the role of supervisor of instruction. Finally a look at the FUTURE was taken in an attempt to envision the supervisor of instruction in the decades that lie ahead and to bring to the reader a better understanding of the responsibilities involved in improving instruction in schools of today as well as those innovations yet to come.