Inpatient rehabilitation for a patient with a right posterior cerebral artery stroke, unilateral neglect syndrome, and homonymous hemianopia

A patient with right posterior cerebral artery stroke was seen for physical therapy treatment for 14 sessions over 15 days at an inpatient physical therapy clinic in Florida. Treatment was provided by a student physical therapist under the supervision of a licensed physical therapist and in conjunction with an occupational therapist and a speech language therapist. The patient was evaluated at the initial encounter with the Catherine Bergego Scale, Dynamic Gait Index, and Functional Independence Measure, and a plan of care was established. Main goals for the patient were to decrease neglect of the personal, peri-personal, and extra-personal spaces, demonstrate safe performance of functional activities, and increase overall independence. Main interventions used were visual exploration training, limb activation exercises, trunk rotation exercises, and task specific mobility training with obstacles and navigational challenges. The patient improved awareness of the personal, peri-personal, and extra-personal spaces, demonstrated safety with functional activities, and gained greater functional independence. The patient was discharged home with a home exercise program and follow up with home health physical therapy.