Foundations of western music history: integrated instruction for middle school

This thesis is the documentation of curriculum development for teaching music history to middle school students. The project involves a literature review of current curricula, best practices for teaching middle school students as well as best practices for developing curriculum. The curriculum was designed as six connected units to teach over one or two semesters. The key components used in the development ofthe curriculum included music history content, "Understanding by Design" instructional model, integrative units, technology, and community building activities. The curriculum is based on Western music history from 400 AD-the present. This project will contribute to the available curricula by providing instructors the opportunity to incorporate the use ofbackward design instruction, integrated units, technology, and community building activities that support a well-rounded learning environment for middle school students. KEYWORDS: Community Building Activities, High School, Integrative Units, Middle School, Music History, Technology, Understanding by Design.