Masters Thesis

John Marshall Harlan on civil rights and civil liberties.

The United States from 1865 to 1915 was represented by continual economic and population growth. It was an era when corporations and business in general were establishing themselves. Domestic and international greatness appeared to be just ahead. There existed, however, another America during this half century of progress. This America included lynchings of Negroes, unequal educational opportunities, improper elections, and legal segregation. For the purposes of this paper, the struggle for human rights in America during this era must be touched upon. If one understands this struggle, he will be in a better position to comprehend the subject of the paper: John Marshall Harlan on Civil Rights and Civil Liberties. This first chapter, however, does not propose to focus on the full scope of the Civil Rights Movement of the 19th Century. It will discuss various topics of importance as they pertain to this paper.

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