Examining Correlates of Psychosocial Adjustment Among Children in Gay and Lesbian Families and Interventions to Address the Problem

This thesis project aims to examine risk factors involved in the psychosocial adjustment among children in gay and lesbian families and the interventions used to address negative outcomes. Two research questions guide this paper: 1) What factors correlated with or related to the psychosocial adjustment among children in gay and lesbian families? and 2) What effect do school-based policies, in comparison to gay-straight alliances, have on the psychosocial adjustment of children in same-sex families? By employing various methodologies that focused on a range of psychosocial adjustment factors for children with same-sex parents and LGBT youth, 45 peer-reviewed studies were found to contribute to this project. Findings revealed that stigmatization, peer victimization, and heterosexism were salient to participants, especially in the school setting. Gay-straight alliances (GSAs) and school-based policies were found to alleviate negative adjustment. Given the findings, suggestions are made with the respect to future research that is needed to address this vital topic. Keywords: gay parenting, lesbian parenting, children, adolescents, LGBT