Social Emotional Learning: A Resource Guide for Supporting Student Success Through SEL Strategies

SOCIAL EMOTIONAL LEARNING: A RESOURCE GUIDE FOR SUPPORTING STUDENT SUCCESS THROUGH SEL STRATEGIES By Michelle Menjivar Master of Arts in Education, Elementary Education There is an ample amount of research that identifies the positive benefits of social and emotional learning. SEL or social-emotional learning redefines student's ideals on their abilities to manage their emotions and participate in social interactions with others. SEL gives students the opportunities to learn how these behaviors can positively affect their student achievement in school and outside of school. Having SEL programs implemented within schools, students gain a different and much more positive perspective on how they function emotionally and socially. Social-emotional learning allows for students to thrive within their environments and stay connected to their schools. This project and literature review offers a peek into the how SEL programs can, not only benefit students, but teachers, administrators and parents alike. Keywords: social emotional learning, programs, self-awareness, social awareness, behaviors,